Forest Products Utilization and Law Compliance CEO

Forest Products Utilization and Law Compliance CEO

Mr.Bitew Shibabaw Abate, Forest Products Utilization and Law Compliance, CEO.

Forest Products Utilization and Law compliance is one of the four cores in Ethiopian Forestry Development. It is structured with three desks such as Forest Utilization and Law compliance, Forest Products Market Assessment and Marketing and Forest Products Business & Professional Competency Certification Desks.

To achieve the institutional objectives of Forest Products Utilization and Law compliance has the following main duties and responsibility:-

  • Carry out customer’s satisfaction with good work norms and service standards and timely evaluate the feedbacks of customer’s satisfaction to take corrective action.
  • Develop annual, strategic and 10 year’s perspective plans and cascade to the desks and experts also monitor and evaluate the performance of the plans against the target accordingly.
  • Establish strategies to control illegal forest products movement towards deforestation and other related illegal issues
  • Conduct timely monitoring and technical support to regional sector offices and wood processing industries and give feedbacks
  • Identify policy and legal framework gaps with other responsible bodies
  • Develop training manuals , packages and working guidelines
  • Draft legal and policy frameworks and support on implementation with relevant stakeholders as well as partners across the country
  • Identify capacity gaps of the regions and city administrates through training and other necessary materials accordingly
  • Collect different informations related to forest products and law compliances also disseminate these information’s to the relevant users
  • Produce relevant project proposals on different aspects of duties and responsibilities of the CEO to search financial and other material resources.
  • Conduct different study documents related to forest products utilization and law compliance
  • Develop standards for various forest products with relevant stakeholders and follow their implementation.
  • Establish data bases for available industries in the country, updated forest products, licensed forest traders etc.
  • Provide forest product marketing promotions in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and partners
  • Improve import substitution and maximizing export of forest products with cooperation to other sectors.
  • Establish innovative trading system for forest products domestic, import and export market.
  • Collect important marketing information’s and disseminate to the buyers and sellers of forest products
  • Conduct awareness creation on timely legal and policy frameworks with other CEOs and research directorates.
  • Provide Business & Professional Competency Certification on forest products for the customers
  • Provide technical support for those who have involved on forestry investment
  • Facilitate for the preparation of exhibition, Bazar and symposium to introduces forest products in the country and other ales

By conducting the above and other necessary tasks the CEO makes the society to be benefited from the sector and increase the contribution of forest sector to the national GDP.

Bitew Shibabaw Abate

FDRE Ethiopian Forestry Development (EFD)

Forest Products Utilization and Law Compliance Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Cell phone: +251-973124236
  • Office phone : +251-111704095
  • Email-,


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