Environmental Pollution Management


  • Background

Environmental pollution has become a global concern regardless of nations’ development disparity. However, in developed world the pollution management and control policies, laws and approaches are compelling enough to withstand the local pollution problem. On the contrary, in many developing countries dealing environmental issues has been presumed as fancy elements. Provided all these discrepancies, addressing environmental pollution problem is not an extra duty to every country. Even these days, the level of environmental pollution control capacity indicates the overall development of nations.

Ethiopia is a fast growing economy in Africa with its precept of building climate resilient green economy. In order to achieve this stretched objective, the need for research based decision making would have preeminent implication. The major expected environmental challenges that would encounter Ethiopia through the transition process from agriculture to industry are water, soil and air pollution. Besides, the rapid urbanization and population growth would have also brought huge solid waste problem. In cognizant of these realities, the Government of Ethiopia has established the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI) that could respond to the emerging environmental problems through research and development.

  • About the Directorate

Environmental Pollution Management Research Directorate is organized into two big research divisions, i.e. (a) environmental pollution and (b) waste management research divisions. The general objective of this particular research wing is to generate and disseminate knowledge and technologies that could hasten the sustainable development of the country and create clean living environment.

  • Research Focus Areas of the directorate

Under the existing two research division of the directorate, the key research areas are:

  • Environmental pollution monitoring, assessment and modelling
  • Restoration of polluted lakes and aquatic alien and invasive plant species management
  • Contaminated land remediation and rehabilitation
  • Development of water and wastewater treatment, and recycling technologies
  • Municipal and hazardous solid waste management and system analysis
  • Persistent Organic Pollutant(POPs) assessment and management
  • Environmental toxicology and risk assessment
  • Environmental policy and performance analysis


Director, Environmental Pollution Management Research Directorate

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