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Forest Resources Assessment Chif Executive Office

Mr. Bisrat Hailemichael, CEO, Forest Resource Assessment

Forest resources assessment executive office composed of three desks, and with the help of GIS and remote sensing technology, responsible for preparing various maps related to forest resources and forest land ownership and types, recording, organizing, and analyzing forest resource information, preparing the report and keeping the information in a database and up-to-date. It is also a unit that performs functions of carbon measurement, reporting and verification, and forest management plan preparation. Following are the main functions implemented under each desk.

Forest and Forest Land Demarcation Desk

  • Participates in the collection of specific forest-related remote sensing data, including aerial photos and satellite images, and provides professional support.
  • With the help of GIS and Remote Sensing, conduct Forest Change Detection, organize & analyze forest resource information and Controls the quality of work.
  • In order to achieve Forest Greenhouse Gas Emission and Reduction measurement reporting and verification (MRV) prepared forest cover change (Activity Data) and Controls the quality of the work.
  • Prepares Biomass and carbon map
  • Prepares Forest degradation map
  • Prepares maps showing the distribution of sample plots for National Forest Inventory (NFI)
  • Prepares a training manual by identifying the skill gaps of stakeholders involved in the collection, management and use of landscape information required for the preparation of forest resources, and provides training by organizing workshops and seminars based on the manual
  • Performs template work according to cartography laws and standards, uses data collected from aerial photographs and satellite images as inputs and prepares maps for various services with the help of various software and online platforms.
  • Verifies the correctness of the map showing the features of the forest land and the land use region on the draft map prepared by the office by attending the field and confirming the prepared map by inviting the relevant parties.
  • Performs layout work and trial printing with a plotter, makes corrections based on the results of the printing, after the correction, performs quality assurance evaluation and enters the completed data into the central database in a form that is convenient for use.

Forest Resources and Carbon Measurement Desk

  • Conducting timely forest resource assessments (Forest Inventory) and organize & analysis forest resource data (Data Entry, Data Cleansing, Data Analysis & Database Management) and Controlling the quality of the work.
  • To achieve the measurement reporting and verification (MRV) task of forest greenhouse gas, the desk prepares emissions and removal factor and controls the quality of the task as well
  • Determines the number, size and distribution of the sample plot where forest resources and biomass stock data will be collected based on the map prepared for the designated and demarcated forest and forest land
  • Prepares field forms for collecting detailed forest resource status, landscape, forest biomass stock and socio-economic data based on the map of the study area
  • To monitor and record real time information on specific forest areas; It will develop and use a data collection, organization and analysis infrastructure supported by modern technology
  • Collects detailed information on forest resources, landscape and socio-economic status of selected sampling sites.

Forest Management Planning Desk

  • Supports monitors and coordinates forest management plan preparation for different forest type.
  • Supports the preparation and presentation of the necessary management plan for each type of forest, provides feedback, and ensures that relevant professional support to the stakeholders.
  • Provides professional support to draw up management plans for forests with unique biodiversity or strategic, economic and ecological importance,
  • Supports the establishment of a modern forest management system and monitors its implementation.

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Bisrat Hailemichael Adnew

CEO, Forest Resource Assessment

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