Forest Products Innovation Centre of Excellence

Forest Products Innovation Centre of Excellence

Forest Product Utilization Research in Ethiopia had its origins in 1967 at Addis Ababa University under the auspices of the Ethio-Swedish

Amsalu Tolessa (PhDEng.)
Director, FPICE.

Institute of Building Technology. However, due to a suspension of budget support, this research endeavor was short-lived. In 1969, wood strength research activities were initiated at Addis Ababa University with the assistance of the German government, but similarly, this initiative did not endure for long. In 1979 the Wood Utilization and Research Center (WUARC) was officially established in Addis Ababa under Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization. In 2015, following the establishment of the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI), WUARC became one of the research centers administered by EEFRI and was renamed as the Wood Technology Research Centre (WTRC). Since April, 2022, the then WTRC again renamed as Forest Products Innovation Centre of Excellence (FPICE) and has been operating under the newly established Ethiopian Forestry Development (EFD). The primary objective of FPICE is to conduct applied and advanced research in Forest Products Utilization and Innovation, as well as to facilitate transfer of technology, information, and knowledge to potential and other users along with offering short-term trainings.

Achievements and dissemination of research findings: Up to date research has been conducted on more than 73 underutilized timber species and two native bamboo varieties. Among these, 39 are indigenous timber types (37 hardwoods and two softwoods), while 32 are domestically grown exotic timber species, consisting of 25 hardwoods and seven softwoods, alongside the two indigenous bamboo species. The findings of this research have been contributed to the rational utilization of forest products in Ethiopia, thereby reducing the frequent exploitation of the country’s limited timber resources. Research results have been disseminated through different means: Publications and/or technical reports including proceedings, journal articles, package of practices, seminars and workshops, exhibitions and symposium, mass-media (radio, newsletter..), continuous educational tours and visits of stakeholders to the Center, and short-term training. Currently, the center has been organized under one research program (Forest Products Research Program), one Research laboratory (Forest Products Research laboratory) and two Research Projects (Timber products research project and Non-timber products research project) with their respective thematic areas of research.

Forest Products Research Program

1. Timber Products Research Project

Thematic areas

  • Timber Characterization Research
  • Timber harvesting, logging, and sawmilling
  • Physical, mechanical, Working, chemical, and anatomical properties
  • Seasoning, wood/bamboo durability & preservation against biodeteriorating agents
  • Engineered Timber Products and Design Research
  • Fiber-, particle- & cement-board
  • Veneer and plywood
  • Wood-plastic composite
  • Thermo-mechanical modification of wood
  • Timber products quality improvement
  • Laminated wood and/or bamboo products, furniture and structural products
  • Timber and timber products grading

2.Non-Timber Forest Products Research Project

Thematic areas

  • NTFPs ecology, economy & social valuation research
  • Bamboo, palm and rattans, gum, resin & latex, wild fruits & other edible and medicinal plants, mushroom, honey, spices, fiber & other useful NTFPs research
  • NTFPs based bioeconomy research
  • Bio-chemical modification of forest products
  • Pulp & paper
  • Wood derivatives
  • Bio-materials, & phytochemistry
  • Biomass and biofuel (solid, liquid & gas)
  • NTFPs value addition, product development, enhancement, harvesting level etc.
  • NTFPs grading research


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Director, Forest Products Innovation Center of Excellence

  • Name: Dr Eng Amsalu Tolessa (PhD)
  • Mobile phone: +251 919798161
  • Office fixed line:+251 114 40 21 81


Forest Products Innovation Center of Excellence

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