Socio-economic, Policy, Extension and Gender

Socio-economics, Policy, Extension and Gender Research Directorate

  • Background
Director, SEPGR
Dr Alemayehu Negassa
Director, SEPGR Directorate

Much of the previous research in environment, forest and climate change sectors focused on technical and biophysical issues, with socio-political and technology dissemination aspects receiving less research attention. Although technical researches are vital, they could achieve little without systematically understanding and resolving the complex and dynamic socio-economic and political challenges in environment, forest and climate change sectors. Taking this into consideration, the Socio-economics, Policy, Extension and Gender (SEPEG) Research Directorate was established in July 2015 in order to contribute to the overall goal of EEFRI to provide appropriate technologies and best practices that help the environment and forest sectors to properly play its role in the national economy.

  • Description

Socio-economics, Policy, Extension and Gender (SEPEG) is one of the core research directorates of EEFRI mandated to provide research-based solutions that address institutional, policy and market related challenges in environment, forestry and climate change sectors. The overall objective of the directorate is to conduct rigorous research and generate quality and timely socio-economic information that facilitates technology adaptation, generation and dissemination processes and ultimately contributes to achieve the country’s green development strategy and enable the country to get sustainable benefit from its natural resources. The directorate has two research divisions: (i) Socio-economics and Policy research division; and (ii) Extension and Gender research division.

  • Research focus

The major research thematic areas of the directorate include Environmental impacts analysis and policy researches; Economic analysis of forest products; Value chain analysis and development; Social dynamics and impacts of climate change adaptation and mitigation; Technology adoption and dissemination; Social and gender inclusion; Knowledge management and communication. The directorate is also mandated to update decision-makers with knowledge-based policy ideas and information that will positively contribute to the achievement of environment, forest and climate change related development goals in the country. The directorate also strives to ensure that all research endeavors in the institute will be responsive to gender issues.

  • Research projects

Currently, the directorate is implementing 9 mega research projects under socio-economics and policy research, and extension and gender research divisions. These mega projects are implemented across seven research centers located across the four-corners of the country. We expect that the outputs of these research projects will contribute to the country’s Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy by sustaining the on-going economic development, creating green jobs and fostering climate change adaptation and mitigation potential.

Alemayehu Negessa (PhD)

DIRECTOR, Socio-economics, Policy, Extension and Gender Research Directorate
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