Hawassa Forestry Development Centre

Hawassa Forestry Development Centre (HFDC)

Hawassa Forestry Development Centre (HFDC) is a prominent research center in Ethiopia. Established on July 8, 2015, HFDC operates under the Ethiopian Forestry Development (EFD) and was formerly administered by the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI).

Mr. Biruk Birhan Zewdie Director, HFDC

As an integral part of EFD, HFDC's primary role pertains to the adaptation,generation, improvement, and dissemination of forestry technologies. Its focus areas includeplantation and agroforestry, ecosystem management, forest resource utilization, forest protection, socio-economic aspects, policy, extension, and gende considerations.Geographically, HFDC is located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Regional States(SNNPRs), approximately 275 km south of Addis Ababa. The center covers a latitudinal and longitudinal range of 7° 3′ N and 38° 28′ E, with an altitude varying between 1708 and 1920 m.a.s.l. The region's climatic conditions are characterized by a mean annual rainfall of 953.4 mm and an average temperature of 20.3°C. To facilitate its research purposes, HFDC has established research sites in Yirgalem, Kore, Kuyera, and Bule Horra, primarily focusing on plantation and seed orchard research. Moreover, HFDC is responsible for conducting problem-solving research in various zones, including Borena, Guji, Bale, and parts of the West ArsiZone. It covers almost all areas of forestry development in the SNNPRs, excluding the Kaffa and Bench Maji Zones. Overall, HFDC plays a crucial role in contributing to the current and long-term forestry technology require ments in the country.

Biruk Birhan (MSc)

Director, Hawassa Forestry Development Centre

  • Mobile phone: +251 912 156842 /or/ +251 921 437734
  • Office phone : +251 462 120437
  • Personal e-mail: birukb@efd.gov.et /or/ brkbz25@gmail.com

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Hawassa Forestry Development Centre

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  • E-mail: hefrc@efd.gov.et
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