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About Ethiopian Tree Seed Sources Registry (TSSR)

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Ethiopian Tree Seed Sources PortalDeforestation and land degradation in Ethiopia are limiting the capacity of forests and the land to contribute to food, wood, feed and water security and to provide other benefits such as environmental services. To overcome these challenges, Ethiopia is undertaking tremendous programs of afforestation /reforestation and landscape restoration with a commitment to restore more than 20 million hectares of degraded forest landscapes up to 2035. Successful forestry programs require a functional tree seed system linked to seed users, apply quality standards and monitoring of seed collection, map seed-source, and strengthen the seed research system.

Tree seed sources in Ethiopia are owned and managed by government organizations such as research, forest and natural resource managing organization, institutions mainly Ethiopia Orthodox Church and the private sector (small holder farmers). The seed sources are of origin natural forest, plantation forest or trees on farms. Currently, the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI) is managing 371 ha of tree seed sources manly from plantation areas; Amhara Forest Enterprise (AFE) has identified 226 seed sources of which the centre is collecting seed from 148 of the seed sources. Furthermore, AFE has described 60 seed sources sites, by employing a standard seed source format (the PATSPO format). Hawasa Tree Seed Centre (SNNP Environment, Forest and Climate Change Authority) has identified 14 seed sources which encompassed identified mother trees. Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise (OFWE) has 100 identified seed sources of which currently seed is collected only from five seed sources. The number of seed sources described by OFWE as per the PATSPO format are five and the number of BSO established in collaboration with PATSPO are nine.

The Tree Seed Technology Coordination Unit (TSTCU) of Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI) is mandated to support develop tree seed sources, procurement of quality tree seeds from genetically superior known seed sources, and generate technologies and scientific information that can be applied to improve the seed system of the country.

In this regard, the aim of this tree seed source national database system (registry) is to provide access to users to 613 tree seed sources which are owned and/or accessed and utilized by EEFRI (51), OFWE (250), AFE (298), Hawasa Tree Seed Center (14) and other organizations. Users can get reports on species, geographic location, ownership and management, seed production potential, structure of seed source and additional related information.

[Visit Tree Seed Sources Portal](Click Here).

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