Research Centers Coordination Directorate

Research Centers Coordination Directorate

  • The Research Centers Coordination Directorate, one of the five research directorates based at the Head Office of the Ethiopian Forestry Development, has a role of overseeing and coordinating the activities of the seven research centers, namely: Central Ethiopia Center in Addis Ababa, Forest Products Innovation Center of Excellence in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar Center, Hawassa Center, Jimma Center, Dire- Dawa Center and Mekele Center. All of these Centers are led by center directors who are accountable to the Research Centers Coordination Director.Accordingly, the primary functions of the Research Centers Coordination Directorate include the following:
    1. Coordination of research activities: The Directorate facilitates collaboration and coordination among different research centers to ensure alignment with national research priorities, avoid duplication of efforts, and promote synergies between the research centers.
    2. Strategic Planning and Resource mobilization: The directorate designs strategic plans and facilitates resource mobilization required for conducting excellent research and capacity building of the centers.
    3. Monitoring and evaluation: The Directorate monitors the progress and impact of research projects conducted by the various research centers.
    4. Capacity building and training: It supports capacity building initiatives for researchers and staff within research centers. This may include providing training programs, workshops, and resources to enhance research skills, promote innovation, and improve research quality.
    5. Stakeholder engagement: The Directorate facilitates engagement with stakeholders, including government agencies, industry partners, funding bodies, and the public. It helps build partnerships, promote knowledge exchange, and ensure that research outcomes are disseminated and utilized effectively.
    6. International collaboration: It fosters collaboration with international research institutions, organizations, and funding agencies to promote knowledge sharing, exchange best practices, and leverage global expertise for research projects.

    Overall, the Research Centers Coordination Directorate plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of research activities conducted by the seven research centers established under the Ethiopian Forestry Development. Its coordination efforts help streamline research efforts, promote collaboration, and advance the research agenda to address national research priorities and contribute to sustainable development of the country.


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Research Centers Coordination Directorate, Directorate

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