Messages from former DGs’

Dear Users,
On behalf of the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI), I welcome you to our official “portal”!

Dr. Abiyot Birhan
The second Director General of EEFRI

Ethiopia is endowed with diverse flora, fauna, micro-organisms and beautiful landscapes that harbour a mosaic of life forms. However, the forests, woodlands, shrub-lands, grasslands and their habitats have been subject of over-exploitation and destruction for agricultural investment, settlement and large scale projects. Pollution has become one of the devastating threats to human life, the environment and biodiversity worldwide. The changing climate, caused by deforestation, emission of gasses from industries and other sectors is threatening our country and the world at large.

Globally, the issues of deforestation, pollution and climate change have been recognized as serious threats to human well-being and the environment in general. Ethiopia is part and parcel of the world, where any changes in the climatic as well as environmental conditions worldwide have potential impacts on our country. This has been evident in the events of drought, flood and disease we witnessed so far in Ethiopia. To reverse and halt such potential threats, research and production of convenient packages of information and technology are recognized as plausible solutions.

On the other hand, as part of the Green Growth Strategy, Ethiopia aspires to increase the forest cover of the country to 20% by 2020; where 22 million hectares of degraded land is expected to be rehabilitated by 2030. EEFRI is expected to contribute its own share for this credible task and we have to strengthen our capacity to deliver what is expected from us.

EEFRI’s website is believed to deliver the key scientific messages, news, and information and technology packages as soon as they are available to all concerned. You are welcome for any comments and suggestions that will enhance our website as well as the works of our Institute.

Let’s join our hands for a better future, Ethiopia!
Abiyot Berhanu (PhD)
Director General


Dear Guests,

Dr.Wubalem Tadesse
The first Director General of EEFRI

On behalf of the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI) and myself, welcome to visit our official website. EEFRI is a federal research institute, which was established on 26 December, 2014 by the decree of the Government of Ethiopia through the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 327/2014. Basically, EEFRI is a fusion of staffs from the former Ethiopian Environment Protection Agency, and the Forestry Research Directorate of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research with full mandates vested in it to conduct relatable, problem-solving and judicious research in the areas of environment, forestry and climate change, in order to assuage the present-time and emerging societal predicaments and pickles.

Furthermore, EEFRI endeavors and hustles rigorously to watch over and control pollution, to mange and use forests, to afforest and regenerate degraded areas, to safeguard the environment, to implement the green development strategy in an attempt to mitigate climate change and to enable the nation to draw on the highest benefits from its natural resources through technical information and knowledge generation, technology development and dissemination.

EEFRI fulfils its multifaceted and multifarious errands and obligations through its Research Directorates, Coordination Offices and Research Centres. The current Research Directorates at EEFRI are Plantation and Agro-forestry; Natural Ecosystem Management; Forest Resources Utilization; Forest Protection; Environmental Pollution Management; Climate Change; Environment Laboratory; and Socio-economics, Extension, Policy and Gender. Tree Seed Technology and Biometrics, GIS and Data base are coordinated by their particular Coordination Offices, as well. Furthermore, amongest the current Research Centres, Central Ethiopia Environment and Forest Research Centre, and Wood Technology Research Centre are located in Addis Ababa whereas the remaining Environment and Forest research centres are situated in Bahir Dar, Mekelle, Hawasa and Jimma. EEFRI is also wished-for to launch extra research centres in Dire Dawa in the near future. In this website, introduction, goal, mission, objectives, research agenda/thematic areas, resources and addresses of contact persons of the respective Research Directorates, Coordination Offices and Research Centres are subsumed briefly.

As you continue browsing and scanning our website, hope you will hoard numerous information about “what we are doing” and “what we are craving for”. In conclusion, as a Lead and Federal Research Institute, EEFRI is looking forward to partnership and networking with interested national and international organizations in order to conduct research in the areas of environment, forestry and climate change in a win-win modus operandi so as to make our Planet Earth safe and habitable place for the entire humanity.

I kindly invite you to browse and scan the website and learn more about us and to share us you experience!

Wubalem Tadesse (PhD)

The race for excellence has no finish line !!!